ASTM D-130, IP 154, FTM 791-5225, DIN EN ISO 2160 / IP 227
  • The copper strip tarnish test assesses the relative degree of corrosivity of petroleum products, including aviation fuels, automotive gasoline, natural gasoline, solvents, kerosene, diesel fuel, distillate fuel oil, lubricating oil & other products.
  • A polished copper strip is immersed in 30ml of sample at elevated temperature. After the test period, the strip is examined for evidence of corrosion and a classification number from 1-4 is assigned based on a comparison with the ASTM copper strip corrosion standards.
  • For aviation fuels and natural gasoline the sample tube is placed inside a stainless steel bomb during testing.
  • 6 place constant temperature bath.
  • Lid with hook to lay low-pressure bombs.
  • Stirring device for excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Digital temperature controllerwith PT-100 sensor.
  • Temperature range from ambient to 100°C, ± 1°C.
  • Power supply : 230 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz.