As per ASTM D-5800, DIN 51 581.
  • This method covers the determination of evaporation loss of lubricating oils. An oil sample is heated to 250°C and an air stream is passed over its surface for 1 hour under vacuum. The evaporation loss is calculated from the loss in weight of the samples.
  • The equipment comprises of…
    A well-insulated Aluminum heating block with electric heating and microprocessor based digital temperature controller and digital timer.
  • 1 evaporation crucible of stainless steel with stainless steel lid assembly.
  • Lifting handle and tools.
  • 2 glass bottles with ground stoppers, set of angular glass pipes, hose connectors, rubber stoppers and 2 meters of silicon hose.
  • 1 Metal rack with inclined manometer of range 0 – 30mm of H2O with bleed valve for manual regulation of air stream.
  • 1 electric vacuum pump with vacuum regulator.
  • Power supply : 230 ± 10% Volt AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz.
Equipment Equipment Dimensions Shipping Dimensions Net Weight Shipping Weight
Heating Block 50W X 50D X 55H Cm 60W x 60D x 70H Cm 45.0 Kg 75.0 Kg
Manometer with glass bottles assembly 60W X 50D X 75H Cm 70W x 60D x 85H Cm 30.0 Kg 55.0 Kg