ASTM D-4530
  • This test method covers the determination of the amount of carbon residue formed after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum materials under certain conditions and is intended to provide some indication of the relative coke forming tendency of such materials. The test results are equivalent to the Conradson carbon residue test.
  • Glass Sample Vials : 2ml capacity, 12mm outside diameter by approximately 35mm height. Larger 4-dram glass sample vials, 15ml capacity (20.5 to 21mm outside diameter by 70 +1mm height) may be used for samples that are expected to yield residues <0.10% (m/m) so that a more appreciable mass difference can be determined. It should be noted the precision statements for the test method were determined using the 2ml capacity vials only (with sample residues between 0.3 and 26% (m/m) and that the precision associated with using the larger sample vials has not been determined.
  • Coking Oven : With circular heating chamber approximately 85mm in diameter by 100mm deep, for top loading, with heating capability from 10 to 40°C/min rate to 500°C, with exhaust port 13mm inside diameter for nitrogen purge of oven chamber (inlet near top, exhaust at bottom center) with thermo couple sensor located in oven chamber next to but not touching sample vials, with lid capable of sealing out air and with removable condensate trap located at the oven chamber base.
  • Sample Vial Holder : Cylindrical aluminum block, approximately 76mm in diameter by 16mm thick, with 12 evenly spaced holes (for vials) each 13mm in diameter by 13mm deep. The holes are arranged in a circular pattern approximately 3mm from the perimeter. The holder has legs 6mm long, with guides to center in oven chamber and an index mark
    on the side to use as position reference.
  • Power supply : 230 +10% Volt AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz.
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60 W x 50 D x 65 H Cm 75 W x 65 D x 80 H Cm 55.0 Kg 85.0 Kg