• APPLICATION : The sealed tube containing refrigerant, lubricant and metal components is used at an elevated temperature. The content of the tube are evaluated by quantitative or qualitative analysis or both, to yield information for determining the compatibility or chemical stability of material in refrigeration system.
  • GLASS TUBE : A sealed glass tube with one end formed into a round bottom. The tube is charged with the refrigerant, Lubricant materials to be tested and then sealed in a rounded tip at the other end.
  • REFRIGERANT CHARGING ASSEMBLY : The tube charging apparatus is consists of a metal manifold for 4 samples, vacuum pump, Manometer of 3′ length, pressure gauge, high vacuum gauge, refrigerant cylinder, valves and filling ports.
  • TUBE SEALING ASSEMBLY : Gun (blow pipe), manifold, fixture to adjust the tubes, gloves, safety shield, pressure gauge, hose pipe, flash back arrestor, double stage high pressure regulator.
  • TUBE OPENING ASSEMBLY : The tube opening apparatus is suitable for safety and conveniently opening a sealed tube for subsequent analysis of the contents.
  • FLEXIBLE TUBING : Flexible tubing (PVC or Rubber) is used in preparation of sealed glass tubes.
  • DEWAR FLASK FOR LIQUID NITROGEN : Made up of stainless steel (304 AISI) 2mm thick inner and outer casing with ‘PUF’ insulation.
  • ALUMINUM BLOCK : An aluminum block for 12 tubes is used for ageing the sealed glass tubes at elevated temperatures.
  • AGEING OVEN : Cross flow circulatory oven with digital temperature controller. Temperature up to 250°C.
  • Power supply : 230 ± 10% Volt AC, 1 phase, 50 Hz.
Equipment Equipment Dimensions Shipping Dimensions Net Weight Shipping Weight
Mounting Table with Tube Sealing assembly 132W X 77D X 82H Cm 142W x 88D x 95H Cm 75 Kg 130 Kg
Refrigerant charging assembly 132W X 10D X 102H Cm 142W x 25D x 118H Cm 85 Kg 135 Kg
Ageing Oven 95W X 75D X 100H Cm 110W x 90D x 115H Cm 110 Kg 155 Kg
Accessories 90W X 60D X 60H Cm 100W x 70D x 75H Cm 70 Kg 110 Kg