ASTM D-4870, IP 375, ISO:10307-2 (Procedure A)
  • Consist of Ageing bath and filtration assembly as per requirement of above method.
  • Digitally controlled Oil Bath with Micro-PID controller, heating & circulatory system.
  • Bath is fitted with Four Air Wells strictly as per dimension mentioned in test method.
  • In-built timer with 99 hours. Timer shall cut-off the heater after set time is elapsed.
  • Glass Air condenser 8 numbers as per above test method.
  • 6 numbers of 50ml capacity conical flask complying with ISO:3733.
  • Filtration apparatus assembly consists of 2 filtration cells, heating (steam) & cooling water circuits, vacuum circuit, buchner flask with safety cover & gauge.
  • Each filtration cell consists of steam heated / water cooled brass cup with a sintered brass disc to support the microfiber filters.
  • Producing steam heating and maintaining temperature at 100 +1°C.
  • Vacuum source and vacuum gauge provided strictly as per test method.
  • Glass fiber filters: Whatman GF/A or equivalent packs – 2 numbers packs.
  • Power supply : 230 +10% Volt AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz.
Equipment Dimensions Shipping Dimensions Net Weight Shipping Weight
60 W x 40 D x 60 H Cm 75 W x 55 D x 75 H Cm 45.0 Kg 75.0 Kg