ASTM D-2265
  • The dropping point test permits higher temperature than the ASTM D-566 method and uses a different heating procedure; the test cell is inserted in an aluminum block oven maintained at a constant temperature that is higher than the expected dropping point of the sample. The sample temperature then rises to the dropping point without operator control.
  • 6 unit oven with automatic microprocessor based digital temperature controller, comprising aluminium block oven, enclosed in a rectangular metal housing, heavily provided by means of ceramic insulating slabs. The block has 6 wells for the vertical insertion of the test tubes and 6 horizontal drill holes for the observation and the illumination of the test zone below the grease cup. Mounted on the rear side of the metal housing at horizontal drill hole level there are the lamp unit and the reflector.
  • The mercury thermometer provided to read the dropping point. ASTM 3C thermometer with calibration certificate.
  • Temperature range : Above ambient to 4000C, +0.50C.
  • Capacity : 6 Stage