As per IP 220, DIN 51802
Emcor 4 stage
  • Measures the ability of a grease to protect a bearing against corrosion in the presence of water. Two sets of grease-coated bearings per station are partially immersed in water and rotated at a speed of 80 rpm in a sequence of running and resting periods. At end of the test, the raceways of the bearing outer rings are inspected for rust.
  • Performs both standing and dynamic test of lubricating greases and oils.
  • Capable of performing 4/6/8 tests at a time.
  • Consisting of : Test rig with base plate, electric motor with gear and run/stop electronic timer, steel shaft, plummer blocks, self-aligning ball bearings, adapter sleeves, sleeve nuts and V-ring seals.
  • Power supply 220 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
Emcor 6 Stage With RPM Indicator
Emcor 6 Stage With RPM Indicator