IS:1674–1960, IS:101 Part 6/Sec.1 Standards
  • The equipment conforms to IS:1674–1960, IS:101 Part 6/Sec.1 Standards.
  • Rectangular model with double walled construction.
  • Inner working chamber made of 22 SWG, 304 AISI, Stainless steel buffed to mirror polish.
  • Outer body made of 20 SWG, CRCA sheet duly powder coated.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel angles are fixed inside the chamber for testing test panels at maximum humidity and controlled temperature cycles.
  • Temperature cycle is controlled by fully automatic microprocessor based PID digital temperature controller with PT-100 sensor.
  • Heating rate is controlled digitally to give two temperature cycles between 42°C to 48° C and backward from 48°C to 42°C & 62°C to 68°C and backward from 68°C to 62°C. Each cycle of time duration of not more than 75 minutes but not less than 45 minutes.
  • The humidity inside the cabinet shall be maintained at maximum % of RH (Maximum 95-98% of RH, RH Indicator not provided) by evaporation of water in a boiler made of thick gauge stainless steel placed at the bottom of the inner cabinet. Water immersion heater is fitted to the boiler. The boiler is connected to the water reservoir with float valve to maintain automatically adjust water level to the boiler. Air circulation across the inner space is maintained by two separate fans during heating and cooling respectively.
  • Capacity: To accommodate 24 / 48 test panels.
  • Control System: Microprocessor based PID with PT-100 sensor.
  • Humidity: Maximum % of RH. (RH Indicator not provided)
  • Humidification: By water evaporation.
  • Power supply: 230 +10%Volt AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz.