As per ASTM B-117
  • Cabinet constructed from non-corrodible high temperature resistant glass reinforced plastic. Acrylic cover is provided.
  • Constructed in fiber-reinforced plastic, 10 mm thick with stiffners at the bottom to take heavy load.
  • The FOG Chamber conforms to ASTM B 117 specification. The volume is of sufficient size to test adequately the desired number of parts without overcrowding.
  • The apparatus consists of a fog chamber, a salt solution reservoir, a supply of moisture free compressed air, atomizing nozzles, specimen supports, provision for heating the chamber, humidifying chamber and control system.
  • The fog chamber is provided with digital temperature controller, pressure gauge, provision for controlling the mist, humidity indicator and solenoid valve to regulate these conditions.
  • Capacity : 400 and 600 Litres.
  • Power supply : 440 V, 3 Phase.