As per IS:5831, IS:10810 (Part 10 & 11), IS:3400 (Part IV) 1978, BS 903 part A 19 method for rubber, BS 6746 (1976) method E for  PVC
  • Number of tubular cells = 16
  • Tubular cell diameter 100mm, cell length 300mm.
  • Double top cover, one with sample holder.
  • Sample holder having 4+4 equidistant hooks sample will be hanged to the hook, sample is having min. 20mm distance between each other and cell wall.
  • Cerawool thermal insulation provided.
  • Each cell with heavy net to collect debris / pieces of sample and easy removable from top.
  • Each cell to provide 25-30mm hole at bottom with a flap cover openable manually.
  • Mounted on PU heavy castors.
  • Temperature range RTD to 200°C, Resolution 0.1°C & Accuracy +1°C.
  • Main central temperature controller: Fully automatic PID based with SSR controller with primary and back up protection, real time clock.
  • One master PT-100 sensor and each cell with individual PT-100 sensor.
  • Uniformity of temperature (top, middle, bottom) within each cell: max +2°C.
  • Pre heated air to enter from bottom of each cell and leaving at top. Even distribution throughout the cell.
  • Air flow meter with controller for individual cell. Air flow meter of range 0.1 lpm to 1 lpm.
  • Minimum 30 lpm capacity air pump is supplied.
  • High accurate sturdy thermostat back up protection in case of main controller failure.
PC Software to Interface with HTC-3000 and DATALOG-16
  • Windows based software.
  • Two way communication using RS485/232.
  • Time interval – settable by user.
  • Temperature recording Vs Time for individual cell (Total 16 channel/cell)
  • Oven controller operated both – manually and through computer software.
  • Software with graphical and numerical data display.
  • Test data convertible to MS excel data sheet and chart.
  • The oven should be operable through computer software by each operator as well as from the oven itself also.
  • For each cell instantaneous temperature readout will be available on computer software.
  • Power supply: 230 +10% Volt AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz.